Zagg InvisibleShield iPhone 4 Screen Protector Tutorial

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A video I made to show how easy it is to put on the InvisibleShield for the iPhone 4. They aren’t too expensive and give great protection.

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20 thoughts on “Zagg InvisibleShield iPhone 4 Screen Protector Tutorial

  1. I think that Zagg gets their product from same company as ArmorSuit (ArmorShield). From videos the squeegee is the same, so probably is the spray. Advice to anyone looking to buy screen protector, install in bathroom with hot shower running just a bit. This assures no dust in the air that would stick to protector. So, the ArmorShield was $5 less than Zagg and has same warranty (although with them making you pay s&h both ways) well just hope you have to return it!

  2. If you guys are really looking for a cheap high quality screen protector for iphone, buy them from the seller named "crazydealz4ever" in ebay. I tried over a hundred different screen protectors in the market and finally settled with him. I am not a spammer. I just want to help some people out there. Just give it a try and you wont regret.

  3. Zagg makes the WORST screen protectors ever. It near impossible to put it on perfectly and it's even more impossible to get it off the adhesive. Whenever I got it on somewhat close to perfect, there were like 100000 airbubbles. I'm really glad I bought it on eBay for like 5 bucks, it really sucks

  4. Zagg is ONE screen protector for $20-$25. If you get bubbles, or if you get it scratched, you're in the hole at least $20. Go on eBay, buy 6 screen protectors for $2-3 from China, and you'll save a lot of money.

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