Why Apple & T-Mobile Refused To Sell Us An iPhone 6s

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We made our reservation to buy an iPhone 6s at the Apple store, drove there to buy it, waited an hour for a salesperson to help us, held the shiny new box in our hands, but Apple would not sell it to us! WTF?

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20 thoughts on “Why Apple & T-Mobile Refused To Sell Us An iPhone 6s

  1. Sorry you guys had a bad experience. I was able to get the 6s plus and had literally the perfect experience with the Apple upgrade plan. At the time they were originally taking the reservations, I hadn't decided that I wanted to the iPhone yet. So they actually went out of stock for the reservations on launch day by the time I decided. However, I woke up at 7:50 the next morning and refreshed the page until my store appeared on the list of reservations (8 a.m. local time) and I was able to reserve my model of choice for 10:30 a.m. that day (my store opened at 10 a.m.). I got there, checked in, and by the time it was my turn to get the phone it was exactly 10:30 (they won't let you get the phone until your reservation time). I was in and out in a half hour because there were no issues with Verizon like T-Mobile had and I didn't have to wait all night outside the store.

    But on another note, I wonder why it's even required to have the phone activated if you are buying it outright. Like, you are purchasing the phone so why not just get it activated elsewhere if you chose to? This would have alleviated the issue you guys had. You would have gotten your phone reserved and purchased, but you could either go back and activate it or go to your local T-mobile place and have them activate it. Maybe it has something to do with Apple wanting a guarantee that their products will be used as intended in order to improve actual usage statistics of their products? Or maybe they don't want people buying a bunch of iPhones and turn around and sell them?

  2. Do the upgrade via the T-Mobile site and for the love of all that is wholesome and plant-based… DO NOT GET ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS. I have the Samsung Galaxy s5 and it is shite. The camera is not as good as purported and it lags quite a bit. The focusing doesn't work as well as expected and pics are often out of focus and grainy no matter what I do. I thought it was just my phone but my two neighbors have the same phone and exact same issues. To be fair it might just be the android platform that ruins the Samsung experience but so far, after a year of usage, the s5 sucks faux eggs.

  3. You are going to get a different opinion from everyone, but I love my Galaxy S6. I am not a youtuber but it takes great video which is certainly comprable to the iphone (better in my opinion). I have tried out the Iphone and I can't imagine ever switching, I like the Galaxy so much better.

  4. Check out the Sony Experia z3 or z4. The camera quality is amazing. I believe it's a 20 mega pixel camera. I bought it and was blown away with how good it is. I take nature videos and even the zoom capabilities are really nice, not a good as you would get with an actual camera, but extremely good as far as cell phones go.

  5. I also gave up apple after one incident: One day my wifi just stopped working.Moreover my boyfriend"s phone which he bought a month before me stopped working too (it"s just shot off one day) but he was lucky as his phone was still on the warranty so they just replaced it. So after my wifi was gone I called to the technical support and after some manipulations they asked to send them the phone to check. I did not hit or drop it or anything like that. So after examination of the phone they told me that its just some system problem (their fault) and the phone needs to be replaced but as my warranty expired 1 week(!) ago I will need to pay them 250$ for it. I was shocked! I would pay for sure if it was my fault but as it was nut – why the hell I am suppose to pay for their mistakes!? Now i amusing samsung note 2 and i have it for more than 2 years – and everything is going well even though i dropped it one time. I never had to call technical support. Apple just has the worst customer service ever!

  6. im not hateing i have an iPhone and a mac but it sucks that the workers are not payed well and don't get to go home, some people die from making things for apple.:((((

  7. I was an apple fanboy as I have used the computers for years and loved it. I was on an android phone at first and enjoyed it thoroughly but always saw everyone with iPhones and was kinda envious. I made the switch to an iphone and was INSANELY disappointed, in everything. It just seems like apple is playing catch-up with the other cell phone providers, I will never go back to apple for a phone.

  8. My 6s is on its way, and I'm pretty excited to be upgrading my aging iPhone 5. It's up to you, but I think you should cut Apple some slack, because it sounds like T-Mobile that was at fault

    I do hope you end up with the phone you want. Hang in there, guys! You know you want the 12-mega-pixel goodness…

  9. I have never had a problem at the Apple Store. I've had nothing but great service. I'm shocked this happened. Even when I messed up the charge port. Which isn't covered by Apple warranty. They went ahead and gave me another. I'm surprised.

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