What’s on my iPhone + How I Edit INSTAGRAM PHOTOS !!

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Hello girlies! I love watching these iPhone videos and I was so excited when I got a few requests from you all to do my own version. I hope you love it! If you have any questions, just lemme know!! Love you all! xoxox- Alex

My favorite apps:

Link to my Disney case: http://bit.ly/1uB3WoH

My NAILPOLISH: Silver Lake by Studio M (I get it at my grocery store, Meijer)


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20 thoughts on “What’s on my iPhone + How I Edit INSTAGRAM PHOTOS !!

  1. Please do an new video, how you edit your pastel, light blue pictures! It would be so amazing! I love your new Instagram pics, because of the new style^^

  2. Loved this! I always use Afterlight too..one of my favorite apps! You are easily my new fav youtuber!! Cannot wait to see all of your future videos! xo

  3. I absolutely LOVE your videos! You are so gorgeous and you've really inspired me to create my own channel. In case you needed a little something to lift your spirits I hope this helps! 😀
    Thank you for making these amazing videos!

  4. If I were you, I would take your mail and music off the bar below, and put Instagram and the YouTube app there instead, then you can access them easier, and you can put mail and music in a folder!

  5. Everytjme I find a new youtuber that I love, I seriously stalk their social media. Lol, I'm sorry. But I'm so obsessed with you right now. You're so pretty! ?

  6. Facetune is a good app to edit with. It doesn't smooth ou the way morebeaute it lets you zoom in and subtlety smooth out imperfections or you van use extra smoothing to smooth out imperfections. The latter gives an even smoother finish to the specific area of your choosing in the level that morebeaute does. It also has an effect that let's you enhance the detail in area of your choosing. For example, if you want the detail of your lashes to stand out it darkens your lashes and creates subtle or extreme detail. There are a lot more editing tools on the face tune app. You should check it out

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