What’s On My iPhone 6?

Finally, I’m sharing what’s on my iPhone! I know this has been requested for so long. Hope you enjoy it and get some ideas for apps you might like!

iPhone Case: http://bit.ly/1XQuMcx
Screen Protector: http://bit.ly/1JZxNQq
Apps Mentioned:
Tip Calculator
Studio (for those that make videos)
Pic Stitch
Square Ready
Flightview (plus Airline specific apps)
P Tracker Lite

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18 thoughts on “What’s On My iPhone 6?

  1. Great video! I just upgraded to the iPhone 6. So much faster than what I had. You would pass out if you saw my email lol!!! My husband nearly did! When I was uploading my old phone to the cloud he said that I had better clean out that email first. I'm trying to keep it somewhat cleaned out now. I'm looking for a calorie counter app. That tip app is really cool! I need to get that one. xo Nicole

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I really like that case! I am going to check out some of these apps!! I can't stand the notifications like that either I have to clear it out.

  3. So very helpful. I love periscope. So nice to chat with people in real time, while they nor you give out any personal information like a cell phone number to face time with. Off to go download some of the apps you shared. Have a great day. xo Linda

  4. I use an app called Key Ring to keep up with loyalty cards. You take a photo of the card and then use the barcode from your phone when checking out. So much easier than carrying around a bunch of cards.

  5. Really like this video, I found some apps that I put on my phone. Do you like your iPhone, I have a upgrade coming in the next few months and I'm thinking of going  from Samsung to Apple. Is there any thing that you like and don't like about the iPhone.

  6. Before you said it I figured you would never let notifications pile up! I am surprised that your bottom row only had 3 icons instead of 4. That would drive me nuts but you would die seeing how many emails I have unopened. Haha! Thanks for another fun video.

  7. I am the same way with the #'s on the apps! When my email app gets hung up and shows I have an unread email even though I don't….drives me bonkers;) Nice picture of your husband….I don't think you've ever shown him before:) Have a great weekend!

  8. Have you tried the Shop Kick app? you get "kicks"/points for just scanning products in stores while you are shopping. And when you reach a goal you can get gift cards, I got a $10.00 Sephora card, good deal if you ask me. xoxoxo

  9. I know your skin often gives you problems but I must say that I think you are beautiful. I hate my chubby cheeks and then I hear people tell me I have a face like a doll. You know those antique dolls. You have lovely eyes. Your best feature.

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