Whats on my Iphone 5C?!

Songs used:
Surfboard-Cody Simpson
Big Spender-Carnage (Trap Remix)
Background music: Jethale Beats- Happy Soulful Hip Hop Instrumental Music
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How old are you?:
Where are you from?:
Where do you live?:
Why do you live there?:
Because of my dads job!
What Camera do you use?:
Canon EOS 700D
What do you use to edit?:
iMovie 11


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20 thoughts on “Whats on my Iphone 5C?!

  1. My iPhone 5c only has 5 gb on it. I can only have like 8 apps and 10 songs on it. I have to delete a bunch of stuff everyday from my album. And yet I still don't have enough room to update my phone to an iOS 8.4.

  2. How do you change the font on your snapchat on I phone 5c its got the thicker font rather than the normal font do you just go to settings and change the font so its different on your snapchat? 

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