Spigen Neo Hybrid Case iPhone 6 / 6S Plus Full Review

This is a full review of the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for the iPhone 6 Plus in Dante Red.
Buy on Amazon : http://goo.gl/h8KGuZ

Spigen’s Website! – http://goo.gl/2Mm5ZN (UK)
http://goo.gl/Bfu6Sd (US)

Written Review – http://goo.gl/1vkLM4

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19 thoughts on “Spigen Neo Hybrid Case iPhone 6 / 6S Plus Full Review

  1. Thank you for your review. It really helps. In your review you mentioned you can buy the different color frames separately which does not seem to be the case. I went to the Spigen website and could not find it. If you have different information, would you please clarify? Thank you.

  2. At first I'm always quite reluctant to continue watching a review/unboxing if it is filmed by a young person, but you have some very good and professional videos. Not annoying at all and includes everything I wanted to now. Please continue making good videos! Subscribed to your channel.

  3. One of the most comprehensive, yet succinct reviews I've seen on YouTube for a long time! I will definitely be looking into purchasing one of these covers as soon as possible :)

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