Save Battery Life in iOS 9 – Top 10 Tips & Tricks

See the Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks on how to Save Battery Life in iOS 9. Use these easy tricks to help you Save Battery Life & use your iPhone Longer!!
iOS 9 Hidden Features:
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20 thoughts on “Save Battery Life in iOS 9 – Top 10 Tips & Tricks

  1. Thanks for the help! Believe it or not, I was searching YouTube for help on how to save battery life. For whatever reason, I didn't check your channel first. Thanks for the help man! Your the best.

  2. Hay +AppFind I have got an iPad Air 2 64 gb and I'm on iOS 9.0.1 and I don't have low power mode and the news application oh by the way I am from Greece does it matter that i am from another country ?

  3. One question I have is why the hell does the iPhone cost more than the iPad? I got a gold iPad Air 2 64 gb for 400 pounds, while the iPhone 6 is like 600 pounds for a 16 gb basic model, where's the logic? The iPad is bigger and better

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