Samsung Galaxy S3 Copy & Paste Tips & Tricks Text / Movies / Images / Music

How to use the Copy & Paste Function tips & tricks within the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS on the Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII i9300 Smartphone.

We take a look at copying text, files and movies from one location to another with the standard operating system.

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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Copy & Paste Tips & Tricks Text / Movies / Images / Music

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  2. iPhones copying is so much easier. copying addresses etc it automatically selects the address, but Samsung you have to click and drag that stupid blue box every time 

  3. 10x 4 dat….but how do you copy an image to paste it some were else… like copy an image from a comment on facebook and paste it as another comment. Is dat possible??

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  5. This wont work on a S4 have you made a video for the s4 please ? so annoying trying to work this out as i'm use to I phone so easy.

    I just want to select text from within a text postal tracking codes are so look to tyoe


  6. I think this is the only problem I have with the phone thus far. I've used other android phones and iphone and none have ever been so difficult with this function. I can't even copy things from webpages like I used to be able to do and most of the time the paste function doesn't always pop up when I do manage to get something copied from a text message. I miss hitting the entire paragraph and having it all selected and then having the option to select certain parts in order to delete them quickly, I can't even do that anymore. Ugh. It's pretty unfortunate on such an otherwise good phone. You shouldn't have to hit the delete button for a minute just to get rid of a paragraph of text.

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