Part 2/3 – Pong – Make An iPhone App In Xcode 5 – Tutorial (Simple Code Technique)

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This is part 2 of our mini series showing you how to make the game Pong for the iPhone in Xcode 5 using our specially designed simple approach to coding – easy enough for anyone to code!

You can download the images needed for this project from

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20 thoughts on “Part 2/3 – Pong – Make An iPhone App In Xcode 5 – Tutorial (Simple Code Technique)

  1. Every fucking one of these I do it just fucks up, can you tell us how to do this on xCode 6 cause I don't know what inchs you are in and it fucks up

  2. Dude why do I have this at the end of the tutorial ( – (id)initWithNibName:(NSString *)nibNameOrNil bundle:(NSBundle *)nibBundleOrNil

    and it says (use of undecleared identifer "initWithNibName" help cause it won't finalze the game lol thank you

  3. Hey! Is there any way to make it for iPhone 4? and at the if( <{
   = CGpointMake( + 2,; it shows me that assigning to CGPoint from incompatible type int. Help please!

  4. When trying to set up the player image , i can not get it to move along only the x position , when i put in the code -UITouch *Drag = [[event allTouches] anyObject]; = [Drag locationInView:self.view];
        if ( > 528) {
   = CGPointMake(, 528);
        if ( < 528) {
   = CGPointMake(, 528);
     and then run the code the player just disappears ? What is happening ? 

  5. I have been following this tutorial and i have to say, i have learned a lot. I am facing a problem though, the player img, keeps disappearing. I re saw this a bunch a times and it seems it is perfectly the same.

  6. in your tutorial the player can be moved horizontally, and the screen look like this with the player char at bottom and computer at top


    but i want to make it look like this
    | . |

    the computer is on the left and player on the right and they can be dragged from top to bottom

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