My old RSIM Air V7.6 or 7.7 unlocked Sprint Iphone 4s using IMSI Verizon (2040438). Sorta Works

So I tried the latest RSIM air (or what the ebay seller told me…) for my SPRINT iphone 4s. The newest version… there is no way to check what version you have under Settings, then Phone, and Sim Applications…. because… there is no sim applications.

I got a reply from Alfredo Rios about my older RSIM AIR. Thanks a ton for this tip.
Long story short… I tried IMSI 2040438 (supposedly verizon.. but also listed as China Telecom China IMSI)

Regardless, if you do have a SPRINT locked…

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14 thoughts on “My old RSIM Air V7.6 or 7.7 unlocked Sprint Iphone 4s using IMSI Verizon (2040438). Sorta Works

  1. Iphone 4s – Verizon. Before watching this video I tried to use the r-sim, but after some time the connection was lost. Running time was different. Now I did everything as described in the video. Network still is. Detail as possible about the jailbreak?Chance unlock via cydia?

  2. I have an r sim air 7.8 and a sprint iphone 4s ios 7.0.4 and I tried everything and doesnt want to read my AT&T simcard it always send me to activation screen…do you know what can I do?

  3. Magaly, for this version of rsim air, I can do SMS and data. You have a good question about mms… I haven't tested that yet. Let me try it and get back to you. 

  4. i guess mine doesnt work. i have same rsim 7.7 and I get it to stay on tmobile but when i input the new imsi and reboot the phone it goes to activation screen

  5. when you first insert the sim card which option you choose. I tried Sprint CDMA ios6/7 2g mode and ios6/7 3g mode but it keeps sending me to activation screen.

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