My iPhone 6s Has Shipped: iPhone 6s Pre-order Review

My iPhone 6s has officially shipped! I do a review of the iPhone 6s and my pre-order experience. Which iPhone 6s did you pre-order? Full review coming September 25th.
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7 thoughts on “My iPhone 6s Has Shipped: iPhone 6s Pre-order Review

  1. I ordered 2 rose gold 64 gb. I was in california, I had a hard time getting to the site even though I have a 2 gigabit connection (comcast pro), I finally decied to use the apple store app on my phone, and was able to get it guaranteed on the 25th, btw unlocked!

  2. I preordered the 6s Plus 64gb space grey on the 18th and it says it not ship until 3-4 weeks :/ but when I clicked on the regular 6s it said it would be delivered on the 25th… Still got the plus though I can (try to) be patient.

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