My Favorite iPhone 4S Cases

Hello, these are my favorite iPhone 4/4S cases. Check out the links below.

Incipio Feather (White)

Speck Candyshell

Propeller stuff

Griffin Elan Form Graphite

Acase Superleggera Pro

Two Piece Snap Case

Propeller stuff

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20 thoughts on “My Favorite iPhone 4S Cases

  1. I use the OtterBox Commuter for my iPhone4s because it gives just enough protection and it's not too bulky. OtterBox also has the best warranty policy of any company. Any damage to the case and they replace it with a new one. The warranty is one year and you usually have to send a picture of the damage. The $35 is definitely worth it.

  2. That's tough since I feel like the Acase is probably the best bet for protection and value. I would check out the Otterbox Commuter then. Same concept, but a little pricier.

  3. @themacintosh1
    Thank you so much for your advice it really helped me when I was picking out a case for my iPhone. It felt like I was taking advice from a friend, since I was learning from someone with good knowledge and was trustworthy. Thanks 🙂

  4. I had a Griffin Elan case for my iPhone 3G and with out sand being on the back, it scratched the back of my iPhone, but I can say that 4 years and many drops and throws later, it's very stable.

  5. lol this is probably late but no to the optical drive i might like to upgrade and i mean both are portable to me but im just worried the macbook air dosent have enough storage for me so if the macbook air sounds more my way is there a portable hard drive that you recommend

  6. I just got my iPhone 4s and I really need to get a case for it, but I want something really girly! Rhinestones and such, but I have never found a case that will protect my iPhone well and be cute at the same time. Anyone have any suggestions?

  7. You are just ruining the beauty of the iPhone if you put a case on it, it is supposed to be held you can feel the quality product in your hand, i dropped my iPhone on holiday and the back of it shattered, i have dropped it before but there havent been any noticeable cracks until i dropped it on holiday, Apple charged me £25 to get the back of the iPhone fixed, it costs £109 if you want the front of it replaced.During the 18 months i have had my iPhone i have taken care of it pretty well.

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