Man Does Proposal with 99 Iphone 6s Gets Rejected on Singles Day (Redsilverj)
Man does Proposal with 99 Iphone 6s Get’s Rejected on Singles Day (Redsilverj)

Chinese man buys 99 iPhones for proposal only to get rejected

Man buys 99 iPhones for elaborate proposal, girlfriend says no

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20 thoughts on “Man Does Proposal with 99 Iphone 6s Gets Rejected on Singles Day (Redsilverj)

  1. I don't buy the story simply based on the numerology. There's another story goin on here havin nothing to do with the singles day. Occult numerology anytime we see these numbers 3,6, and 9 or double digits that add up to these like 12 51 72 doesn't matter the order 2+1=3 & 1+2=3 still other ones like 45=4+5=9 there's always somethin fishy about it it's occult science 101 & they use it constantly the powers that be and the media combine we get what is referred to as illuminati which I'm sure has since change the name & go by n something that's actually still a secret. Otherwise it ain't much of a secret illuminati this that n everything. Idk what the real story is goin on here not sure it even matters either way merely code being past from one group to another that's either a yes or no or message who knows. But it has everything to do with Saturn look into it urself don't take my word for it but be warned once u do begin to actually see ya can't just turn it off & we are literally surrounded by saturnalia bull crap from hexagons & other symbols like the cube triangle etc colors like purple & yellow names c'mon now they give themselves away! Bernie "made-off" with the $ is implied for one example there are many many others. Just search Saturn cult and u will find it. 

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