LG G4 vs iPhone 6 – Quick Look

The LG G4 and the iPhone 6 go at it in this quick look.

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LG G4 vs iPhone 6 – quick comparison

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20 thoughts on “LG G4 vs iPhone 6 – Quick Look

  1. Came from the lg g4 to iPhone 6 and nope, I don't regret it. Please don't call me iSheep because this is my first iPhone and i came from android.. Please don't say better camera unless your are professional photographers travelling around the world. If so, may I recommend GoPro ? That being said, the iPhone 6 has a more than decent camera.
    Please don't say its because android has customization or think its because you will stand out from the crowd, you have some self esteem issues and should start making real friends. Nobody cares what phone you have. Life is not a phone advertisement.

    This phone has a ton of issues such as lag, bad performance, poor touch response and app crashes here and there. So if all that is ok for you, then by all means throw your money on this. Just don't complain after 6 months saying how bad this phone is.
    From what I read in this comment section, you people are literally hating the iPhone just because of how the company markets its products and how cocky Apple is.
    Another thing, just because a phone has specs like 4gb ram hexacore or whatever is mentioned doesnt mean its going to perform the same way in real life. Its just written on paper. It may perform well but it will slow down soon, because in the end its a software that is not integrated with the hardware fully. Add the headache of installing cleaners and antiviruses on a phone and using it constantly, because back in my time, phone antivirus was the stupidest idea possible. But hey, you people find it cool because "android is complex, not boring, yeah yeah ". Well, thats stupid. I don't want that headache and I don't see how cool it is to have one.
    And lastly don't base your judgements because one is a iSheep and the other is a droidfanboy. You are a freaking consumer. Think like a normal person. You are throwing your hard earned money on a technology product you will be using for more than a year or two. Yes, there is a reason why iPhone is costly. Its not just the brand. You are literally relieving yourself from the headache of installing antivirus, being bothered by constant ads from garbage apps on android, not to mention the large amount of fake apps ( there are literally around a 100 flappy bird copy apps there), no more poor touchscreen responsiveness and great customer support. So yea, you're getting what you're paid for. Sure, hate a flagship phone because it has no innovation. Well tell me, did htc innovate ? LG ? Samsung ? And I see people throwing money on their flagship phones just to berate on iPhones.
    I had been browsing through most of this comment section and till now I havent found one rational response as to why iPhone 6 is bad. Saying because only its for isheep and because Apple stopped innovating, better specs and bigger screen is the worst response I can ever find on the internet. If you're buying just for the camera, get yourself a go pro. if you're so worried about the pixels.
    That being said, I don't hate android. It depends on preferences. So if you're comparing, at least compare it with something worthy enough like google nexus or s6 edge ( if the touchwiz issue is fixed) because those phones are smoother. But for the love of god, please don't compare this phone to iPhone 6.
    I dare Android Authority to do a one full year review on both phones and then see the difference.
    Oh and lastly, if you spoilt kids think its because iOS is boring and android isn't on a long term, google the video "Look Up" and watch it. Have a nice day.

  2. It's not even a close competition with these two devices. The LG G4 literally beats the iPhone 6 in almost every category. Yet, people still think iPhone's the best smartphone when it's crystal clear that there are phones better than it.

  3. It's like going to a huge carnival and you get a big ole fluffy hot cotton candy on a stick (LG G4) ………..or you go to the local carnival with 5 rides and get Poop on a stick (iPhone 6) …..iPhone 6 is like 10x shittier in every category, beyond the ego level of folks that think their cool because the got an iPhoney!! And a quick tip on tech advice not mentioned in video, LG G4 is hexa core, what is your iPhone still like dual……BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAA!! iPhoney suckers born everyday! Give it up, and trade in your Jordans also for better quality while your at it!

  4. Used both of these at the local store. G4's build quality doesn't really impress as compared to the iPhone 6.

    THE LG UX is kinda ugly, design isn't inspiring. Something just doesn't click about the G4. You can compae with the S6 and the S6 feels great in the hand. LG really misses out due to feeling a little less premium as compared to Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6.

  5. I more than like the LG G4 because of its high technology….look the Iphone's Design it didn't change only the Size changing..even the design of its launcher….atleast the G4 is affordable…than Iphone,Apple only wants money…Iphone is only ordinary smartphone too.

  6. "but muh finger print scanner" Its a gimmick. Same with heart rate sensors. I don't lock my phone anyway, but its SO EASY to steal someones finger print.

  7. lgg4 camera is too much effort for the regular person…thats how android is in general the phones are cool but everythings too all over the place n complicated…

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