Join Solavei | Im Using My Verizon/Sprint Iphone 4S with Solavei | Use your Iphone 4S

Join Solavei Today and use your Iphone 4S! In this video I show you to use a Verizon/Sprint Iphone with Solavei. Solavei is GSM, Your Iphone 4S is both Cdma/GSM Capable!!
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Video Tutorial shows you how to unlock any iPhone 4S, any carrier GSM or CDMA for T-Mobile or any GSM carrier worldwide…

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20 thoughts on “Join Solavei | Im Using My Verizon/Sprint Iphone 4S with Solavei | Use your Iphone 4S

  1. Hi Corn, I tried to buy the R3 sim, but I don't see it on eBay, is it still good to use, or the the Apple people have changed? If I have a 6.1.3 version, can I still jailbreak it? All I see are R SIM R sim 8 nano for 3G GSM/CDMA iPhone 4s iOS 5-6.1.4. can this work?

  2. arrg. okay we got the sim car, did the activation for solavei, put the new sim card in and yep, we have to unlock the phone. My question is – the old sim car needs to be in the phone when we do this, correct? I can't get past the activation requirements when I put the solavei sim card in. also, will all of his contacts and photos still be on the phone? THANK YOU!

  3. This is great info and thank you for the step by step. I do have to say though that I am still confused…my man is switching from Sprint with his iphone 4s and he has a sim card…I thought sprint phones were supposed to be cdma without a sim card? And Solavei prequalified that his phone would work when I typed in his IMEI #. soooo will he still have to follow these instructions? hmm not sure…but we'll find out!

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