Jailbreaking: Soldier’s Top 7 Hacks

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20 thoughts on “Jailbreaking: Soldier’s Top 7 Hacks

  1. Im not sure if you a retarded or something, but I was saying and let me go step by step of what was going inside my head
    "Wow how to jail break an iPhone 4, I only have an iPod Touch 1st gen (10 device difference) I think it would be funny if I posted a comment on a video of a new product on how I only have a device made 3+ years back because then I can express how I am too poor to be able to afford this" never once did I say "Let me make a joke about me being poor while im actually super rich"

  2. Ok so let me guess, you are sooo motherfucking greatful for everything, you never say "I wish I had this" you are always "Thank you universe for giving me this 1997 Toyota Corolla with a broke fender, 2 dull spark plugs, rusted exhaust, and broken window" right?

  3. Your point? People are poor, I was poor growing up, I didn't have a good TV until around 2008, I bought my ipod (broke now) when the 2nd gen had already been released, so you better check yourself before posting again

  4. I have the iPhone 4, recently updated to iOS 5.1. I never jailbroke my phone but am very tempted to. Is it easy to go back to normal 5.1 if I'm not happy with it and am I able to jailbreak seen as I'm on the latest 5.1?

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