iPhone Blue Screen iOS 8.4 TaiG Jailbreak

Are you getting a blue screen on reboot after taiG jailbreak? Me too!!!

So far a fresh restore and new jailbreak has not corrected the issue.
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9 thoughts on “iPhone Blue Screen iOS 8.4 TaiG Jailbreak

  1. Hey man! I also got this 1st time I jailbroke my iPhone6.

    Yesterday, I tried again and I got rid of that blue screen (at all!); here's what I did. You need latest iTunes on your laptop and latest CHINESE Taig exe (http://res.taig.com/installer/TaiGJBreak_2430.zip); I actually don't know if using the english one would have been fine too, but 1st time I used that one and I got the blue screen, so I just thought of trying something different LOL

    Now, just plug your iPhone and do a backup with iTunes; then, unplug it, disable WiFi and data and go to settings > general > scroll 'till the end and tap "restore" > choose second option. Let your iPhone restore and configure it as a new one (do not restore, even from iCloud !!)
    When it's ready, just turn off passcodes and TouchID, make sure you're not connected to iCloud (so that Find my iPhone it's off too) and enter airplane mode; at this point, connect your iPhone to the computer and run Taig exe as administrator (if it says "Apple Drivers not found" you're probably on a 64bit PC, so install this (https://mega.nz/#!bhtlCCDS!Q2gNhTDkUV6QQ_sm-1T4IbkapO3zKG-OzQTiwJFB28I). Then, jailbreak it (just unselect second tick since it's some chinese appstore I guess) and wait fot it to be 100% done. At last, open Cydia, let it setup and update things it needs to update, then plug it in your computer and restore your backup from iTunes.
    DONE !!

    Hope it can help you and others who got this problem :)

  2. hi my phone also encountered this issue while jailbreaking my iphone 6
    i used taig 2.4.3 (the latest tool)and after this occasion, i watched setup-diagnosis tab and i foung bugtype 110 log there…. i heard that this log means hardware problem…

    will it ok?

  3. This happened to me but it would only happen to me when I would download a tweek that would mess up my phone so I had to remove it so it can stop being blue

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