iPhone 6s, Google Nexus 6P comments & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

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20 thoughts on “iPhone 6s, Google Nexus 6P comments & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

  1. just wait for the iPhone 7 it will probably look different n perform way better than the 6S camera it is no point of getting the S models n getting a contract or a upgrade program because you will be pay twice as much for the phone

  2. 1:01 Got a reference on your claim for how it performs better than current phones? Also saying "currently dated" means "outdated", just for your information. Other than that, nice video! :)

  3. I think Google should go back to naming it's phones from the phones they are based on. even if the resemblance is minor. names like nexus s and galaxy nexus were just fine and kept things from becoming confusing.

  4. I see the "Priv" being successful, but the name?? Really? It kinda sounds like a slang word. Should have stuck with the Venice. Sounds like a more premium name.

  5. Jaime, you just said out loud why they went with the P, didn't wan to copy the PLUS, the phone isn't exactly PRO and PHABLET would be pushing it, so PPP = Nexus 6'P'.

  6. Hey, BB10 is awesome, honestly I think it's a much more intuitive and fluid system. The lack of 3rd party apps is disappointing for most people, but that's not directly related to the OS.

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