iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: 5 Pre-Release Questions

In this video, just for the sake of conversation, I want to ask 5 questions as we come closer to the release of the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus.

The bend test video: https://youtu.be/Y0-3fIs2jQs

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14 thoughts on “iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: 5 Pre-Release Questions

  1. What I want: Higher resolution screen, more megapixels, wireless charging, virtual home button. What we'll get: A9 chip, upgraded gpu, force touch, ios 9, lower aperture (but still 8MP) oh and a new paint job. MEHHHH. I wonder if apple will release a 6C? +sakitech

  2. I have the Note 3 and was thinking of changing to the iPhone 6 plus my question is does the iPhone have better battery life can I use my sd card in it and if not what is the memory capability difference also which do u think is better should I stick with my note 3 or chant the 6 plus thanks 

  3. Ok so yesterday I was in the bathroom and took a shower. Well Im not one of those people who pee in the shower so I got out and – well you know went pee. Well I got up and I was still wet from my shower and i accidentally left a puddle around my iphone SIX… I was terrified and dried it off because not even a month ago- my little brother droopped mine on the ground and it shattered :/ Anyways; I dried it off and ran to my room I know youre not supposed to turn it on but I went on the lockscreen. and siri started messing up 🙁 I did put it in rice though.. Its been in there for about 17 hours I got my phone wet at… 6:00 pm and its 10:30 rn. 
    Flash forward to today; I take it out of the rice and turn it on. It was working fine so I dialed in the pass code and it went to the home screen.. apps were fine but it logged me out of my apps! Like: I would go into instagram and as soon as i pressed anything it closed me out of my app; and took me to the home screen! (I also charged it up because my friend said it would probably work after how long i had waited- 17 hours.) So my question is: Is it fixable? 🙁 My parents dont know about this; and were already paying a fricken deductible on my LAST accident with my other iphone sooo Im scared Ill have to spill. Ive already tried taking my last one to the store they said because it was a lease (this one is too) that I had to pay up and added no helpful tips
    +Saki Tech  can you please help? 🙁 any advice

  4. How many people around the world have to eat their words because of saying that Samsung made cheap plastic phones and Consumer Reports shows how strong are constructed compare to the overpriced iPhones. 

  5. Thank you for the video.
    I have had so many problems with my 6 plus that I am ready to give Android a chance. My first choice is the Note 5, once I see the reviews I will make a decision. 

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