You want to see the iPhone 6 PLUS VS You want to see the iPhone 6 VS You want to see the iPhone 5: What to get?

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40 thoughts on “You want to see the iPhone 6 PLUS VS You want to see the iPhone 6 VS You want to see the iPhone 5: What to get?

  1. Or you can decide not to be a braindead tool and stick to your old phone? Ooooh, Apple just released a new shiny overpriced-as-fuck toy, I neeeeeeeeed it even though the phone I'm currently using still works perfectly!!! Mass-consumption is what is poisoning the planet, and you act like a ducking dumb sheep.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note. This phone is 2 years old and is as large as the 'new' iPhone.

    I would never go back to iPhone. Android is where it's at.

    Much better customisation options and a better overall Operating System.

    Who wants to install iTunes bloatware just so they can transfer music to their handset?

    iGarbage 🙂

  3. but if i had to buy …one in your case …because you / me / we  do sport …i Phone 6 …Iphone is the best …i worked with others as samsung S5 ..but Iphone is another world…( i don't have contract i´m pre-paid )

  4. by the way, do not buy one. You will be the same like the other smart phone zombies i see all the day. The y lose the ability to converstae very quickly. Constant checking the weather, email, whatsapp, facebook. Even during a conmversation they stare to their screens. They will be the loniest people in the world.

  5. I would have gotten anything other than an iPhone. You could have gotten a smaller phone which is much better, e.g. Samsung Galaxy S5 or Alpha. The S5 is also waterproof so that would have been a plus. There are always compact phones which are also just as great. Regardless, good video. 🙂

  6. Plus is too big for my tastes. The 5S is fine for me. The 6 world be fine too. I personally don't own my phone, my employer provides my 5S.
    I will buy the apple watch when it drops. My polar HRM is on its last legs, and I hope the watch will replace it.

  7. I think the 6 Plus is the perfect excuse to stop carrying an ipad mini around.
    I personally use my 128 GB Mini with retina as a pilot for preflight and in flight planning and navigation, as well as for media viewing and Photo editing and, yes, I use iMovie… alot. I do some web browsing and reading, both of which I rarely do on my iPhone 5. Mostly because of the smaller screen size. My iPad mini fits some but not all of my pockets making it something I still have to carry in hand most of the time. I think the iPhone 6 plus, might just be a perfect way to find a happy medium. All the benefits of both devices in one.
    on another note: Apple really needs to stop resizing the same old thing and get back to innovating. The andriod hardware has been becoming increasingly more appealing over the last three years or so, and apple needs to pick it up, because they are definitely falling behind. Android had a phone out a few years ago that was almost identical to the new iphone 6…but, first and foremost… Apple, A SUNLIGHT READABLE SCREEN is loooooong overdue. Retina is great and all, but only when you can see it. which is rare when outdoors.

  8. Lol back in the beginning of the cell phone days, it was the smaller the better. Phones in that size were called refrigerators, if you had one that big you were laughed at. See now….

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