iPhone 5C Screen Replacement

You can purchase replacement lcd/front glass kits here: http://amzn.to/1ggdX2M
The screw mat image can be found here: http://bit.ly/1jI6PRm

Please follow these instructions exactly to replace an iPhone 5C cracked front glass/LCD. Please note the LCD and front glass need to be changed together and they come as one assembly as they are all UV glued together. Contrary to popular belief – there is no way to change them separately. The kits are cheap and can be bougth for $45USD which also…

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19 thoughts on “iPhone 5C Screen Replacement

  1. everything worked perfect except for the last step when i went to push in the camera and all the other pieces in place none of them stayed…….very frustrated…………plz help

  2. Hi, my iphone screen is black it won't turn on and every time I connect it my charger it does a vibration noise when it's on vibrate. Will fixing the lcd screen make it work again.

  3. I got one of those text messages that make your screen go black and it won't true on but the phone works it's only the screen what you did in the video will that work for me apples wants $100 to fix it and trey that it's not a guarantee it will be fix 

  4. With your help, we were able to replace our daughter's broken 5c screen last night.  You video was easier to follow than others we'd found.  We appreciated the reminder to check the function of the Home button, at it wasn't quite right at first.  Thanks from Illinois USA!

  5. I fixed my iphone 5c but it doenst turn on the only thing it does is having the apple there and i try to connect it to itunes but it isnt detected in the computer can u help me please!

  6. Cheers heaps for the clear instructions, essential warnings for various sections and the nice pace at which you give the instructions. I fixed my friends 5C this evening using your tutorial without a hitch and the phone is running as it should.
    It was so easy, much easier than the older iPhones. If only they'd made them this easy to break down in the first place.
    One thing I will reiterate for those watching this video, be careful when taking out the home button, as the adhesive separated from the button when I did it and was a real hassle to get back in place properly. Perhaps a little help from a heat gun on low for a few seconds might help remove the home button without the adhesive separating from the unit. What do you think mate? Would a little bit of heat harm the button? I would imagine it would be ok if on low and just a brief hit.

    Totally stoked digger, thanks again.

  7. can you please help me , okay so i have this problem that i had my friends icloud account… and her account is expired she does not know the password anymore and theres no way for me to log out … it keeps popping up in every second please reply if  you can! .

  8. I replaced the screen on my iPhone 5C, tested the screen before I started and all seem to be working fine. Replaced  the parts and put it back together. I had no power when I started this so I plugged the charger in while I was replacing the parts, didn't disconnect the battery. When I tried to power it up I got nothing. Did I fry something?

  9. THANK YOU!!!! Oh my gosh! I feel so proud that I fixed my phone myself. Highly recommended video. Not sure if you mentioned it- a lot going on but I had to pry off the small circular plastic (?) clear lens for the camera and moved that over as well. Thank you for the mention of "don't stress too much"! haha. Thanks again.

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