20 thoughts on “iPhone 5c Activation Error 16 Red iTunes Logo DFU Mode please HELP !!!

  1. Hold down the power button & home button like your about to put it in DFU mode (Make sure your not connected to itunes) then when the screen shuts off release them both. And turn back on your iPhone that worked for me.

  2. hey guys if anyone is having this problem try this it worked for me try and turn the phone off plug it into iTunes/computer when the apple logo appears quickly pull out the cable it does some sort of restart and works I was having this trouble for a while spent hours trying different things this worked good luck!

  3. Error 16 is hardware failure problem. When iOS is being installed on the flash storage on the logic board, it basically can only store up till 80% and since one of the chips or components is damaged it is unable to complete the restore. You have to take the phone apart and use a soldering microscope to check of any bad components. I know this through experience. Thanks.

  4. What ppl mistake is recovery and DFU. Download redsn0w and ckick extras. Then press recovery fix. YOU HAVE TO PUT IT IN DFU MODE not recovery. Then it will come back on

  5. Just simply hold the power button and home button for DF mode again and replug into itunes. It will keep showing the red logo but it will restore like a regular iphone should

  6. it's simple you must dowload  " Reiboot "  than  connect your iphone to your desktop  and  put in this  reiboot  "exit recovery mode" after that your iphone is on :p i do this and it's work good luck

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