iPhone 5 Airplay Mirroring

Airplay Mirroring Tutorial on iPhone 5 and Apple TV 2

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19 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Airplay Mirroring

  1. IcyFire don't know if the macbook have airplay mirroring. I know they have airplay. I think new Mavericks OS has an option to use the Apple TV and your tv as a second monitor. You might want to google that.

  2. For some reason my iPhone 5 doesn't have the up arrow key thing. My phone is up to date. Can someone please tell how to get it? My brother has it and we have the same phone.

  3. Well technically iphones screen is limited to almost 720p so if your HD tv packs the enough pixels to push 1080p youre missing those 360ps LOL make sense? I think the solution would be setting up your Apple TV to 720p instead of 1080

  4. i dont have the features of airplay on my ipod and i have the newest one on the latest firmware yet i dont see this shit anywhere, can someone make a god damn video to show us how to fucking enable it….?? fuck…

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