iPhone 4S Teardown Review

We sent our co-founder 18 hours into the future, to Melbourne, Australia, to get his skillful hands on Apple’s latest iPhone offering: the iPhone 4S. But surprise! Fed-Ex one-upped us by delivering an iPhone 4S early to (iFixit user) Markus Weiher in Germany, and with Markus’s help we were able to give the iPhone 4S the teardown treatment it deserves.

Also, you, like many of us, might be wondering if you can install Siri on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. While the verdict is still out on that…

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17 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Teardown Review

  1. hi there, I was looking at a video where you upgraded a mac book air hard drive,can you tell me or make a video of how you reinstall the operating system (mac os x) back on the computer.

  2. iphone 4 has a sh*t camera!!! really tested and compared with lots of other smartphones, even a 5mp camera is far more better… too bad, 4 is kinda nice device from my opinion comparing with 3g

  3. Hi MJ, what do you think about the APN numbers on the iPhone's 4s battery? Does it matter if the APN on a replacement battery doesn't contain the same number as on the original one?


  4. @kdt1599 Wife? Nah man she'd be too much stress. She is very sexy, but that comes with a price if you successfully married her. Lol. Good luck. Hope I'm wrong!

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