iPhone 4s Short Film | iPhone Cinematography | Pico Flex Dolly Test Film

I have been thinking of releasing a short tutorial and behind the scenes of the tips i have learned when shooting with the iphone 4s, if you would be interested let me know in the comments! and consider subscribing to my channel


Hey guys this is a a short film of firsts! i have been wanting to shoot an iphone short film for a while, and what better of a time then when apple released their newest phone the iphone 4s! This is also one of the first short films where i tried to…

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20 thoughts on “iPhone 4s Short Film | iPhone Cinematography | Pico Flex Dolly Test Film

  1. interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about using iphone to make videos try Pyzork Phone Video Professor (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it. 

  2. would you please upload a tutorial thingy, I try to make cinematography things myself and it's kinda working but this looks way cooler and way more pro. Would you give some tips and tricks of how you did this ? would be very appreciated 

  3. @YeselieDenise its when uploading straight from the device itself if you were to put the clips on a computer and edit from there or even just upload the quality would remain the same

  4. @TheHypno98 Do you happen to know where to download this song?.. cuss been searching on youtube and apparently there isn't any :/ .. do you know where can i find this music?

  5. Nicely done. Can you explain EXACTLY how you performed the shot beginning at 2:33 and ending at 2:37? I know you used the pico for the rotation but there was a "pulling away" effect at the same time as the rotation. How did you achieve this?

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