iPhone 4s fix NO Signal Issue (network fixed) réseau indisponible

You take responsibility for monitoring the video I am not responsible in any way for any damage to your iPhone.
Work only for iPhone 4s.
if I remember My iPhone firmware was 5.0.1.
Some people have network problem with them iPhone 4s.
So, I make this video to show how fix this bug… (love you Apple)

Than’ks for watching and enjoys !
I should add that my tutorial is old (2011). It may no longer works now.

Vous prenez la responsabilité de suivre la vidéo donc je ne suis responsable en…

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19 thoughts on “iPhone 4s fix NO Signal Issue (network fixed) réseau indisponible

  1. It worked!! thanks for this! my bf was already worried about his phone and I just tried to help by finding a helpful video/post. Glad I found this one! ?

  2. this is a date/time error. Join your WLan with the iPhone or manually set the date/time. Remove the sim card and put it back into the phone. Now you can enter the sim-code.

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