iPhone 3g tips and tricks part 4

Here’s a couple of the latest tips and tricks for the iPhone. Most of these tips will work for the iPod Touch as well. For more info, go to www.iphonespies.com!

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20 thoughts on “iPhone 3g tips and tricks part 4

  1. You can make Ringtones by yourself with iTunes. Just make an ".aac" format from the part of the song you want. then go to the folder iTunes music. The format of the part of the song will be ".m4a"….make it to ".m4r" and thats your ringtone 😉

  2. you don't need the website for ringtones…. just go to your itunes listen to the song (remember the start time and the end time of the specific part you want) right click the song, then click get info, in options type in your start and stop time, then press ok, right click again and then convert to acc, right click the new file (40 seconds or less) and open in new window, right click that and rename the .m4a to .m4r drag into your ringtones section of itunes and sync, VIOLA.

  3. Thanks or the review, But the website you gave me charges $10 per month, So if anybody wants free ringtones search on Youtube and search (IPHONE FREE RINGTONES)

  4. Thanks dude…..good videos!!
    U can get your free fav songs ringtones from garage band (if you have mac book). it's pretty simple…google garageband+ringtones+iphone… you will get the information.

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