iOS Tutorial: Loading data from an external database using JSON & Storyboards – VIDEO 5

This tutorial is an update to the existing JSON tutorial on this channel. This updated video uses xCode 5, iOS 7, PHP and MySQL.

In this video we wrap up our tutorial series by implementing our detail view controller

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20 thoughts on “iOS Tutorial: Loading data from an external database using JSON & Storyboards – VIDEO 5

  1. Great tutorial! Thanks! But one question. Is there any easy way to refresh your information inside your app when new information is added to your database?

  2. Hi,

    i haven't wrote any YouTube comments yet but know i really have to do.
    Thank you so much! I have stuck on this problem for ages and i finally solved it with your help.
    This tutorial was really awesome.

    Greetings and again a biiiiig Thank You from Germany!

  3. Hey Thank You for all of your'e work doing this really its very useful.
    If I dont want to use a table view to disply the json back how can I use "User * currentUser = [usersArray objectAtIndex:indexPath.row];" in UILabel for instace? and how can I find my objects without indexPath.row? 

  4. Thanks!!
    Perfect paste and easy to understand!
    I just wonder how move forward from this, I want to create my own API and I just wonder how I do that and were do I test it? 
    Maybe some good tips on tutorials 🙂
    thanks again!

  5. my friend use some sort of dictionary to do table view dril, but since i've follow your tutorial and my app is based on your tutorial, can u give some guidance regarding send data from table view to another table view…(you use data object right..)

  6. vishal kurup, thanks for the great tutorial…but i do have question, in the end, you have finishep up your app by sending data from table view to view controller (detail view), is there anyway/ tutorial which i can follow to send data from table view to another table view…?thanks in advance..

  7. By the far the best tutorial i have seen in youtube! can also make a tutorial for a  mysql login system, so we can learn how to send data and also receive data! appreciate it ! cheers :D

  8. Hi Vishal, Thanks for the excellent tutorial, just a quick question, if i wanted to sort the table cells in alphabetical order of the cities that are being displayed then how would i go about it, thanks a lot.

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