iOS 7 Jailbreak: How To Update Mobile Substrate For iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini Retina

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Jailbreak iOS 7: How to update Mobile Substrate.
Jailbreak tweaks will now work on all iOS 7 devices!
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20 thoughts on “iOS 7 Jailbreak: How To Update Mobile Substrate For iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini Retina

  1. hey i m using Iphone 4 16gb
    i Jailbreak my fone with version 7.0.4
    when i m trying to install anything on my phone from cydia then it prompting that it demands "mobilesubstrate"
    i tried to search according to your video but its nt there like any cydia substrate so please help me if you can resolving this!!

    Thank you

  2. Guys help me…my apps don't show I have to keep my iphone on safe mode so I can use apps and unfortunately my computer broke and I can't re jailbreak…how do I get my apps back to work

  3. Dude, did they remove Cydia Substrate or whats up? Did everything you said and it did not come up in the search. FYI, been jailbreaking since 3gs with no problems so I'm not a rookie. What gives?

  4. should I install this on iPhone 5? i'm a first time jailbreaker, and haven't really been tryin any tweaks yet, as I'm very new to this, and from what I understand should just be patient, and wait on all the tweaks/compatibility issues to be fixed.  I had a successful jailbreak, and don't kno the first thing about tweaks and whatnot.  I wanna try that new hidden springboard setting, so do I need to install this substrate file in order to do so or for it to be compatible?

  5. Is anyone else's minecraft pocket edition not working after updating the substrate and stuff? I'm on iOS 7.0.4 5s and it keeps crashing even after I reinstalled everything (including the app)
    Can anyone help?

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