HTC One X vs iPhone 4S Camera Test

HTC One X and iPhone 4S camera tests – HD video, HDR mode, camera shots in light and dark conditions.

Full HTC One X review:
Full iPhone 4S Review:

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20 thoughts on “HTC One X vs iPhone 4S Camera Test

  1. Hace falta agregar más???dedicado a los anti 4S,bien dedicadito a esa gilada que destila envidia!!!se los digo y que no queden dudas:EL IPHONE 4S LE HIZO BIEN HECHO EL ORTO AL "htc".

  2. Dont believe in this video from TechRadar and etc bullshit propagandize sites. Just go to the shop and check at place difference between two phones. Sure you'll get better than Iphone))

  3. i have iphone 4 so i will give honest feedback and i am unbiased.

    great comparison video thanks.

    i have seen the other video one x vs s3 so conclusion is:

    S3 > one x > 4s

  4. I think, cai is actually right, beacause iphone camera is limited to a full auto mode being able to just adjust a few settings so it is preset to be a better camera on auto mode, and the one x camera has lots and lots of settings so you can get that outstanding quality on your photo, and that´s the reason why it has those settings. So in fact i wont said is stupid altough is not a fair competition.

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