How to Time-lapse on iPhone

Filmed whilst shooting the time-lapse of the lighting of the City of Sydney’s Christmas Tree, this unique behind-the-scenes video shares my absolute best tips for mastering your iPhone’s Time-Lapse record function, from a match box tripod to the most useful toilet rolls you’ll ever see! 4 iPhone Time-Lapse video tips you absolutely can’t live without.

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19 thoughts on “How to Time-lapse on iPhone

  1. Hey how do u make it so when u finish recording the time lapse won't be all shakes and wierd once y post it on YouTube or face book etc. I don't touch the camera and leave it secure but once I proccess it in capture or I movie it always starts shaking uncontrollably please help

  2. Tripods are VERY expensive for the iPhone …. I know the phone costs anywhere from about 500-800 dollars so who could afford a $15 tripod!? Roller paper rolls MUCH better for a 5-8 hundred dollar phone! Lol… Jk… Seriously though….Great idea if you're waning to shoot spontaneously

  3. I am also a photographer and appreciate those iPhone tips for Time-lapsing. Here we go…

    Ich bin ebenfalls Fotografin und danke diesen iPhone Tipps über Time-lapsing. Los geht's… 

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