How To: Replace the Logic Board in your iPhone 5c

If you are experiencing a few issues with your iPhone 5c and diagnosed the problem as the logic board, You have come to the right place. Today we are going to show you how to replace the logic board in your iPhone 5c.

Check out the Step by Step guide here!

Need parts and tools?…

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16 thoughts on “How To: Replace the Logic Board in your iPhone 5c

  1. I broke my dock on logistic board just like this video on 4:03, then my phone doesn't start anymore, is there anyway i can retrieve my photos and video? please help me they photos are soo important for me plz

  2. My Iphone 5 has a hardware problem, it only shows apple logo and the logo turns green and dirty, green and blue loop lines sometimes red loop lines, than it shuts down, any help will be appreciated.

  3. can i use iphone 5 logic board instead of iphone 5c logic board? Do they have the same parts? i noticed not lots of differences between the specs of both phones

  4. You can't buy any new logic boards…it's only done through Apple…but you can buy a mangled up used iphone 5c that has good logic board and use it…but even the worst ones are selling for over $200….might be better off buying a decent used one for around $300.

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