How to: iPhone 5C LCD/Digitizer Screen Replacement Full Assembly (Easy Version)

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Propeller stuff presents: How to replace LCD/Digitizer Screen on the iPhone 5C with the full assembly . We show you step by step how to repair and reassemble your devices. Check us out online for all your parts, DIY Kits, & tools!

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20 thoughts on “How to: iPhone 5C LCD/Digitizer Screen Replacement Full Assembly (Easy Version)

  1. My screen is severely cracked & I recently got perfume spilled all over it, and it works fine but the everything is discoloured and you can see bubbles in the screen, can I replace the screen from a different iPhone ?

  2. my 5c has touch detection problem. it got slight water damage around the top left of the phone,and has a glitched picture in the corner. I can press on certain parts of the screen and sometimes it glitches and presses everywhere. will this fix it?

  3. i recently dropped my iPhone 5c and then the screen went black but it still vibrated and everything. All the research i have done has led me to believe that the LCD is not working. The cost is really expensive to get it fix from store so i have decided to do it. is that a good choice and if so do i need both the 5C Black Touch Screen Digitizer and LCD Display Assembly for iPhone. and may you please explain the difference between the two.

  4. I'm a bit of a tech noob so forgive me but where can I get the screen from? And what is an LCD thing? I've smashed most of my screen (not the home button or the cameras) but the white part (cos I got a white iPhone) is still intact. Please help because I really don't want to do it wrong and end up causing more breakages I originally had. Thanks :)

  5. I did the exact same thing an my screen is still black , an the thing is I can't turn my phone off because I can't see the screen an when you hit the power button you can kinda see where it's trying to come on like the screen gets bluish but it never shows anything 

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