How to: iPhone 5C Charging Port (Microphone, Headset Jack) Assembly Replacement presents: How to replace Charging Port Assembly on the iPhone 5C including the lower Microphone and Headset Jack . We show you step by step how to repair and reassemble your devices. Check us out online for all your parts, DIY Kits, & tools!

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16 thoughts on “How to: iPhone 5C Charging Port (Microphone, Headset Jack) Assembly Replacement

  1. I'm a little confused at this video; we're told to remove the shield over the LCD, Digitizer & Front Camera connectors, unplug those connectors and then remove the complete screen – however later in the video we're shown the process of reassembling the screen as though we've replaced that too. Am I being ignorant or is there a slight mistake in this video?

    If one overlooks the aforementioned, a very concise and informative video!

  2. Hello,
    I am trying to change out my charging port but I cant seem to get the battery out. It feels as if I am going to break the plastic on the phone or if I keep wedging on one side the battery looks like it is about to fold … I wonder if the person who had before me used super glue or something to make the battery stay. do you have any advice for when that happens? anything would help. Does the battery have to come out in order to change this out? Thank you

  3. Hi,
    I bought an iphone 5 before 3 years ago, and it was working very good with no problem. Two weeks ago I got a problem with my phone " When I call someone or someone call me There is no voice from the coming call and also the person do not recieve any voice from me " someone said that the problem is in the microphone and the headset and someone said the problem is with the electronic board and no one know what is the exact problem is . You are kindly requested to solve my problem. 

    Thank you for early responds

  4. I purchased a used iphone 5c, and everything was functional and worked perfect except the microphone and if I placed a call I could hear everyone just fine, but they could not hear me at all unless I put the call on speaker phone. So I replaced the charging port, microphone, headset jack… but I am still experiencing same issue, the only way I can have a conversation with someone is to use the speaker phone, but the mic is still not working even after replacement…. please advise!

  5. Still having problems after i replaced it. mic sometimes goes out while i'm on a phone call. if i smack the phone a little then the person i'm on the phone with can hear me again. what can i do to resolve this problem?

  6. The saying which each item does was such a huge help, so i could know what i was doing when, and in the event i messed something up, i'd know what, thanks to that, so props to you for that.

    With that being said I want to leave the biggest of thanks, because you got my iPhone back on and that matters for more reasons that I can let you know. But I would be a fool to say the video was perfect, while effective I feel as though you should maybe be a little less concise. Not telling me whether or not removing the battery was a necessity really bugged me. Also, when saying do x, but first you should do y, make sure to include that all in the same sentence. You said to screw something back in, so i paused, I'm by no means an expert so after 5 minutes of wrestling with the screws I press play and wait 15 seconds only to hear, But first put this in before you screw it down. So i had to go backwards and unscrew, not really much of a hassle, but the video would have been 10x better if you'd save the viewer from those inconveniences with something so simple. All in all, great video, I would still be without my phone if it weren't for you.

  7. Hello! Great video, very helpful! …… but I was wondering, it is really necessary to remove the battery for this repair? As you say in the video, iphone 5's batteries are so sticked in and are easy to damage them!!!

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