How To Get Pictures Off Your iPhone 4S

A quick video I made showing you how to get your pictures or videos of your new iPhone 4S.

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20 thoughts on “How To Get Pictures Off Your iPhone 4S

  1. you should be able to go into your computer and your iphone should show up as a drive, then just navigate to the pictures. then select and drag your pics to a folder on your c: drive to save it to you local HD

  2. Well, it seemed to have worked perfectly. But when I minimized iTunes to look at iPhoto, there was a message saying there was an error….so the photos had not been able to be transferred. BUT, because I had checked the delete after, all my photos were deleted from my phone and did not go into my iPhoto. Suggest anyone trying this not check that box until they have confirmed that the photos are going where they were directed. So long 450+ photos 🙁

  3. ok. I have a problem with mine so I just thought you might could help. Same phone, I want to download the pics from my iphone "photo library" under albums which is right under "camera roll" in my iphone. not sure why it will only download the camera roll and not the other categories like last 18 months. I love all my pics and something happened to my main iphoto on my 2011 macbook pro 13 inch… so i signed up under a new user to see what happened and it opened iphoto but empty of course. Help!

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