How to Fix Vertical Lines on iPhone 5c | Unresponsive Screen 5c | White & Black Lines

How to Fix Vertical Lines on iPhone 5c | Unresponsive Screen 5c | White & Black Lines in Easy Steps.
Things you need to open:
P5 star Pentalobe screwdriver
Phillips #0 Screwdriver
Straight Screwdriver
Suction Cup
Box to put your screw so you don’t lose ’em.

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20 thoughts on “How to Fix Vertical Lines on iPhone 5c | Unresponsive Screen 5c | White & Black Lines

  1. i dropped my phone and cracked it. Then a few days ago i dropped it again but this time there was a black line through my screen. The phone works perfectly fine and i can still click on the black area. The black lines keep growing. Do you think getting my screen repaired will fix this?

  2. I'm having a similar issue with my 5s. Do you think it could be the same issue? I've done repairs on my 5, and 5s, but never in my 5c. I've noticed that the only noticeable difference between my 5 and 5s, is the home button/fingerprint connections. So I know to take an extra step to detach that connection prior to working on the screen's connections. I did not do anything damaging or unusual to my phone. It was in my jacket's pocket for several hours after it died while using my flash light. I charged it to about half way and then took it off the charger. When looking for my battery level, prior to removal from the charger, my screen was fine. I put it back in my pocket, went back outside to finish my project about 10 minutes later. I grabbed my phone and swiped up on my screen to activate the flash light again & my screen looked very odd. Like the resolution is faded and vertical vague lines going down the bottom 5/6 of my screen. I'm wondering if it could be the temp afire drop? I've been working outside for hours and it is pretty cold. It was fine while indoors and began to malfunction moments following the temperature drop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, your video is amazing, very detailed, and easy to understand. You were able to make this challenge become easily possible with your step by step instructions from being something that many would imagine to be extremely complicated. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So i dropped my phone and it works fine just the screen is unresponsive and it has verticle lines. I have a warrenty and insurance with Verizon, my mom adviced me to go to a verizon center and have them repair it. From watching this video i assume this is what they can do and it will work hopefully and with insurance i would hope it wouldnt cost more then 40 or 50 maybe. What do u guys think>?

  4. hey, so i followed the steps – but when i got to the 'unscrew the 4 screws for the screen ' part, only 1 would come off – so after 10 minutes of trying, i gave up, put it back together, but when i tried to turn it on nothing happens, and when i stick it in a charger, it will just vibrate twice, nothing, vibrate twice, and repeat, while nothing comes on the screen, any ideas? is my phone broken?

  5. Do you think i should do this to my 5c? It has grey lines vertcally that eventually turn purple. The screen is unresponsive, but only sometimes. When my phone dies and turns back on it doesn't have a problem for a couple of hours then goes back to the lines and color.

  6. +Easy Steps , Hello Sir, I found your videos very useful and professional, also I have the exact same problem, however it is an android phone, can you please tell me where is the socket or what can I do? thank you

  7. My iPhone 5c has blue,green,white,and black lines will this method work? or is the screen broken because when i try to use the touch screen it works but the left side of the screen doesn't.

  8. Almost My entire screen is covered in these lines, I can partially see the lock screen. My glass is also cracked.. Will this work for me?

  9. Hello sir tried what you recommended about 4 times and seems it must be something else because my touchscreen still does not work at all. Is this something else that controls this/? or maybe my screen is bad:?

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