How to Delete “Other Data” or saved Messages on your iPhone iPad iPod

Free up space for iOS8 on your iPhone/iPad/iPod? This video will show you how

-If you come across the error when restoring that you do not have enough space, and you are sure you have a good backup then click “Restore iPhone” at 2:33. This should restore your phone to factory settings, afterwards choose you phone again in iTunes and then choose “Restore Backup” and choose your backup without the attachments.

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20 thoughts on “How to Delete “Other Data” or saved Messages on your iPhone iPad iPod

  1. upvote: to select multiple msgs click on the file, then hold shift and when u click on another file it will select all files in between. So when its sorted, click on the very first media file, then scroll to the last one, and hold shift when u click it, all files in between will be selected!!!!!!!!!

  2. Instead of selecting them one by one you can type in "SMS" in the search bar next to export and only the messages you need to delete should be there. Next just simply right click and press select all then delete. Boom.

  3. Please help me. its asking me for a password and i have no idea what password its asking me for. Also the app isnt showing my backup, but it does have the multimedia option. But WHAT PASSWORD??

  4. Hi, I accidentally deleted the actual file that said "Attachments" under SMS…now the only file I have under SMS in the one that says "Parts". Will this effect my phone in anyway? Thank you!!

  5. This is soo good!
    But I don't want all my messages deleted just a few! And my iPhone does not let me delete them at all from my messages and if I do I have to restart it or otherwise it won't even receive or send messages or calls!!! I need advice.!

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