How-To: Bose SoundDock LINE IN Hack AUX IN Modification NO iPOD NEEDED !!

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How To Bose Sound Dock Line In Audio Hack-Modification for Android Phone or Tablet or iphone 5 while keeping ipod usability and charging functionality. No iPod Needed

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19 thoughts on “How-To: Bose SoundDock LINE IN Hack AUX IN Modification NO iPOD NEEDED !!

  1. Hi Matt, thanks for your tutorial.I maked it, i solded a cable to create a rear 3.5 jack with your work but it work only with ipod connect in the dock but my real problem is the noise i loose the bose sound quality.why? i think the reason is not the quality of 10 cm of cables..please help me
    Thanks in advanced.

  2. Thanks worked great used a 2.2 k resister. The phono jack ground is the rear of the phono plug. Tested with a ohm meter. my wires were red white and black was my ground. Terminals are small be patient take your time. Did not work at first unpluged and repluged in and it worked great. Used your video and the other guys video hooked aux up to main board

  3. Would really wish people would stop using the work hack for everything that has nothing to do with hacking. For instance mod is a good word or trick

  4. Hi Matt just wanted to say thanks for this tutorial – I had an old Dock lying around for years and I just did this and it's working like a charm! Got the tunes on right now. Thanks a lot.

  5. What about solder an audio female input instead a male one and make a hole on the back of the dock station, close to the power supply in, like the second version of this same dock station? Do you think this would be possible? So you wouldn't have a cable hanging always from your dock station and you could plug a male-male jack to your phone and dock station as a normal "Line in" like all the rest of the speakers 🙂 
    (I'm asking because I don't really know if this is possible or if I'm talking s&$t)

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