Goodbye iPhone

The iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus were recently announced with a release date of September 19. Now is a great time to sell your old model while it’s still worth something!

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20 thoughts on “Goodbye iPhone

  1. I will keep buying iphones even If god comes down n says if I dont buy an other iphone ,I will instantaneously become like Justin bieber .
    I would still buy an iPhone ,because im an isheep n isheep's r assholes.

  2. The reason stores give u less is simply cuz they are a store, meaning they aren't trying to keep and use ur phone, they are trying to resell it and actually make a profit so they have to give u less so they can still make a profit themselves

    I prefer selling my old phones on Craigslist cuz of the real life meeting people means they can try out ur phone to see it actually works as u say

    If they talk u into giving u less than its ur fault for falling for it

    I once sold my 32GB iPhone 4 for $450 to a guy I met at my bestbuy parking lot from my Craigslist ad and then walked into the bestbuy and bought my new 64GB iPhone 4S on a two year contract and had $50 left to buy a case for it

  3. Goodbye previous versions mine is iPhone 4s. my option of show my caller id is grey now. it does mot work ( you can not turn it on or off) is this normal.
    Please help me to fix it if you can. Great channel of a great man.
    Greetings from Morocco

  4. I got scammed on craigslist buying a faulty iPhone so I called the lady that sold it to me that I knew the District attorney personally, and that I would file charges against her. She totally fell for it, and gave me back my money. Pssh.

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