Gaming on the iPhone 4S

In this video I give a demo of gaming on the iPhone 4S, showing off the graphics, touchscreen, dual core processor, motion control gaming with the gyroscope and some of the best games for the Apple iPhone 4S.

Games used: Real Racing 2, Jetpack Joyride and Dead Space

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20 thoughts on “Gaming on the iPhone 4S

  1. sorry , but i don't get why people on youtube like to just argue with out giving it some thinking..
    the ipod 4g is half the ram
    processor in iphone 4s is A9 cortex dual core 1gh
    ipod touch is A5 cortex single core
    so no the gaming is not like it at all unless you tried low graphics game on both…

  2. do you have to pay for theses games an if so how much do they usually cost an do you have to download anything special to play them also when your playing games on ur iphone can you leave it plugged up or will that mess up your battery life

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