20 thoughts on “Exit iTunes Logo / Recovery Mode iPhone 6 6S Plus 5S 5C 5 (4S, 4, 3GS, 3G,) iPod Touch – iPad Air 2

  1. I have an iPhone 5c and recently, I got a notification that it is time for a new update. I accepted it, and then the recovery mode screen came up, saying that i have to connect to iTunes. So i did and iTunes said that my phone was in recovery mode and that i can restore it but i DO NOT WANT TO RESTORE my iPhone. I watched this video and a few others and i cannot get it to work. After I hold down power and home button until the apple logo comes up, I let go and it just goes back to that same screen. My iPhone is new, probably only 3 weeks old. I would love your help!!!! Please help me ASAP!

  2. For some reason doing this with the iphone plugged in worked!! But why is my phone having problems in the first place? I just got this iPhone 5 about 2 weeks ago, haven't done anything weird to it at all, and it keeps shutting off randomly and prompting me to enter recovery mode. It's beyond ridiculous… You'd expect something better for the money you're paying… -_-

  3. help when i was stuck in connect to itunes, i followed your instructions, the iphone logo showed, and it jumped right back into connect to itunes logo… 🙁

  4. Yes when restoring you will most likely lose your data – that is why it is important to always backup your iPhone before doing anything with it via software outside of iTunes.

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