Enabling FM Radio on an iPhone : iPhone Tips

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The iPhone isn’t just a phone – it also makes for a really handy radio. Enable FM radio on your iPhone with help from an expert in the world of Apple retail in this free video clip.

Expert: Skylar Kelly
Filmmaker: Patrick Russell

Series Description: Apple’s iPhone supports so many features that a lot of people don’t even realize that most exist. Get tips on how to…

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19 thoughts on “Enabling FM Radio on an iPhone : iPhone Tips

  1. Thats not FM , thats using your WIFI internet connection/cell network connection… it is not recommended to use on cell, since it would eat up all the allocated data, and charge extra if the data packages packages from your cell network are not capped.

  2. This is really misleading. Everybody knows that there are tons of streaming applications for radio. THAT IS VERY different than enabling FM radio on the iphone. The title of this video is misleading to say the least and dishonest.

  3. This is listening to the Internet you idiot – not listening to broadcast FM.
    Why not simply us Pandora?
    Oh yeah – how about a local mp3 file? Aren't those real artists from LA? Wow can you're iphone pick up signals from far away!

  4. Skylar … do you know the difference between actual over-air FM and streaming radio ? Stitcher is not an "FM Radio App", it is an online directory of streaming stations, it does nothing to unlock the FM chip most smartphones to actually receive broadcast stations over-the-air. Stitcher uses WIFI or Data plans

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