Double Iphone 4s, 4 Battery Life with Boost Case + (Unboxing)


Yes, this does work with Iphone 4s.

Boost Case plus:

Original Boost Case:

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20 thoughts on “Double Iphone 4s, 4 Battery Life with Boost Case + (Unboxing)

  1. I know this video is from a while ago and chances are that u won't even reply, but how did you go about using this? Did u just leave the case on and let it drain first or did u drain the phones battery THEN turned on the case? Which way worked best for you?

  2. 🙁 i dunno if that's how you normally are, or if you're trying to put on a "im sorta sick (not really, this is my 'cool' voice)" – well gah.. idk i didnt really like it.. tho thanks for the info, it's a nice case.

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