Clear Iphone 4S back Glass

Ok so its my 200th video and I wanted to do something cool but I didnt have anything cool to do (lol) so here is my new Iphone 4S clear backing glass.

Pros: it looks cool and keeps your original backing safe from scratches and the cost is fairly cheap.

Cons: The flash messes up pictures and videos, voids warranty (but you can put your original back on for warranty issues so its not really a con but the flash is pretty messed up

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20 thoughts on “Clear Iphone 4S back Glass

  1. @svcruz The flash floods the clear backing making the area over the lens hazy like there is fog. I tried blocking it with a rubber circle but there is no way to block it since the flash actually transfers the problem through the class itself

  2. Ohh okay i see . Some of them have flash diffusers and some transparent backs have different font , flash diffusers , etc . Depends where you buy them i guess .

  3. @xhenryx1234 Nope, the flash does haze the picture a bit. I left mine on since I dont use a flash 99.999% of the time but its something to think about before spending your money on one… I wouldnt advise getting one unless they state it wont effect the picture

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