Clash Of Clans | Th8 GoHoWiWi / GoHoWi 3 Star Tips w/ New Poison Mechanic

Hey Clashers! Happy to bring you a little Town Hall 8 content as the TH8 viewers have been banging down the door lately for more! I realized my last few Th8 videos have been on DragLoon and straight up Hog Attacking so I thought I’d bring you some content today on the “varsity level” 3 star strategy for Th8 – GoHoWi. Not only is it a great strategy but it will also get you comfortable with GoHo variations when you upgrade to Th9. A great strategy for when your hogs are level 3+. Enjoy!


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20 thoughts on “Clash Of Clans | Th8 GoHoWiWi / GoHoWi 3 Star Tips w/ New Poison Mechanic

  1. I haven't watched the vid yet, but I always use the poison to take out the loon and severely damage the drag, then drag it to a corner with barbs or an archer, then put down three wizards and drop barbs under the drag right after it kills the other barb and continue that. Then start the attack on the same side to save those wizards and use them still, not just let them die

  2. Hey ash master, I hv 1 star max th10 bases(except walls) for 2 wars in a row now, really frustrating because I see 1 star as failure, they were 47% and 42%, both ground attacks, do u hv tips for me please? I'm unsure what I can do better , I want be able to 2 stat th10, 3 star th9

  3. thanks for giving some of us th8 kids info! most YouTube vids forget about the lower th's trying to figure out attacks and strategy, thanks and keep them coming

  4. Hey Ash been watching your videos for a while there really great.But im looking for a good War Clan Im a decent th7 alot of maxed defenses with the catch of no walls im going to maxed th8 untill i get walls cause there so expensive !!!!

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