Cheap iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Note… all fake, all made in China!

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20 thoughts on “Cheap iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Note… all fake, all made in China!

  1. Nowdays no body will think about cheapest price….for what you buy something like hight tech with cheapest price but not good quality controlled….for me made in china is nothing… 

  2. I love China Phones. I bought Ainol tablets and phones. It is going to be 1 yr soon .. I wish they spoil faster, so I can buy newer China Phones. China Phones are so good  and cheap.

  3. the circuit board inside that probably uses the same silicon as a real iphone. probably made on a machine that was manfactured in the same machinery factory or very similar.  these are probably just the same as stuff from the foxconn factory or very similar. 

  4. I just say no made in china for me…and hate Made in China…..just fine made in malaysia, japan, korea, USA, UK, Itali or etc…but not made in PRC….

  5. Such a stupid title, didn't even bother watching it. Everything is made in China, and the poor souls building your crappy iphones do so under horrible conditions.

  6. Won't Last 1 Month, Just Like All China Cheap Made None Name Brand Phones, After awhile TS Touch Screen will Begin to fail and you will have to Tap Twice, Will All So Slow Down…

  7. He wasted so many dollars in that…I'm not telling that he did it wrong but I were him then I would get an iPhone instead of getting all these (excluding the fact that I use iPhone) XD just saying though 

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