Can You Hack Your Brain To Not Feel Fear?

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When a fear begins to affect your every day livelihood is when one should seek medical help. Luckily Dr. Ali Mattu is here to show us how we can use different techniques to conquer our fears.

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20 thoughts on “Can You Hack Your Brain To Not Feel Fear?

  1. My anxiety makes me fear and sick all the time. If i'm shopping or going to the cinema, it's like my body wants to run and i want to scream and throw up and die. But i know now nothing will happen, it still sucks tho. constantly having panic attacks. Great video btw!

  2. I feel like the way they explain fear is like how when you eat something and it makes you throw up. You avoid that food, same with fear. Does this make sense to anyone else?

  3. Dr. Ali Mattu is awesome. If you haven't subscribed to his YouTube channel, I encourage you to do so!

    Please, TestTube Plus, consider having him on again whenever you deal with an issue that touches on human psychology. Trace is an excellent presenter, but he's every bit as skilled an interviewer.

    On that note, it might be cool for all of the "fifth episodes" to include an interview with an expert on the subject, as a cool little way to make an already well-done channel even better.

  4. I reckon exposure to your fear is the best cure…

    I used to fear strong winds. This is due to a Tornado and being pushed around whilst running to safety as a kid.

    I got over my fear in my adulthood by putting my headphones on (cancel out the wind noise) listen to epic music from Hanz Zimmer and feel awesome!

    Self-Treatment and it worked. Each to their but I reckon slow exposure is the best way to overcome a fear.

  5. Because of severe depression and grief, I have absolutely no fear of anything. I hope something is going to kill me every time I walk out my door. I realize how sick that sounds, but it genuinely is how I feel. If someone were shooting at me, I would just walk toward them.

  6. I fear spiders a lot. But when I was playing paint ball out in the bush in Australia I quickly lost that fear when people where shooting at me. Since this experience I haven't been so scared of them 

  7. anyone else have or had a fear of telephones ? picking up one when it rings and u donk know who's calling?and calling places or people you don't know?

    or how about just the feeling of someone being to important to talk to… even asking a desk clerk what floor something is on makes you nervous…. how did you get over the fears?

  8. trace. asking once again for a series on virtual reality. youve already done a series on ai which would be the other suggestion i would have. but virtual reality has not been done yet. please do virtual reality. i wanna see a series on virtual reality so badly.

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