Camera shootout: iPhone 6S vs. Galaxy S6 vs. LG G4

For the last five years, iPhone had the phone camera to beat. But things have changed in the past year with the competition stepping up their game. We compared the top cameras to see which one is the best.


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19 thoughts on “Camera shootout: iPhone 6S vs. Galaxy S6 vs. LG G4

  1. Everytime Samsung removes a feature (such as the SD card slot and removable battery) I keep telling myself that I will never buy another Samsung. But when looking at camera comparisons as this one, I just can't help myself..

  2. No matter how much these guys tried to save apple's a**, Lg and Samsung clearly has way better camera. They didn't even talk about their amazing manual modes in which Apple's latest phone won't even last anywhere. And apart of all these, sony has got something bigger coming.

  3. Thank You For This Video! For me It Is the Best Comparison about these Three Power Phones. For the Others: Take the Phone You Like the Most, because These Phones are Similiar about their great camera. The LG has the Best Settings and a little bit better image stabilisator, the Galaxy has the fastest Camera for Start and focus and the Iphone Takes the Best Slowmotion

  4. I really love the design of Galaxy S6 Edge plus! Its beautifully amazing. However, no expandable memory is a killer for all Android devices… :(

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