Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ – Drunk Tech Review

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iPhone 6 has been released and the gang is drunk. We’re giving you our impressions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ after using it hands on for the past few weeks. Did it live up to our expectations? And will we drink to it again? Find out in this episode of Drunk Tech Review.

Special thanks to Magic Pixel Games for providing us with the…

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20 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ – Drunk Tech Review

  1. Guys do the OnePlus 2. Phone looks amazing and the ad gives orgasm. Every fucking time. And you owe it because they broke the apple set standard of "technology+country music " which you always complained about to "technology+HansZimmer" which may set a new trend. 

  2. Fuck selling out is the way to go.  Hangover pills?  That's some High Times, back of the magazine, why the fuck did I buy this type shit.  But…

    Fuck Bitches, Get Money.

  3. DTR is exactly what I want to see being uploaded to YouTube just normal people having fun, good job guys. And the fact that you reply to the comments makes it so much more personable!

  4. Its funny, my buddy and i were thinking of starting up a channel similar in concept to DrunkTech Review seeing as we both like alcohol and we both like tech and gadgets. A few months ago i was browsing Youtube and came across these guys. I gotta say they're awesome and do a way better job then i ever would.Great channel guys 

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