Apple iPhone 5C First Look!

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During today’s new product announcement, Apple unveiled an all-new addition to the iPhone family. The iPhone 5c (with a lowercase “c”) replaces the iPhone 5 in Apple’s mobile lineup. The 5c features many of the internal components of the previous iPhone 5, but the exterior of the device has been completely redesigned.

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Propeller stuff

Rather than a metal and glass design like that of previous…

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14 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5C First Look!

  1. Im a dude and I kind of like it myself ….blue or green for this dude 😉 as long as it doesn't have the fingerprint thing. Im not comfortable with that feature!

  2. I would only by a 5s IF you can turn off the fingerprint bullshit. I don't trust apple to keep that private. Anyone know if you can deactivate the fingerprint unlock? With the NSA you never know what warrant they'll serve to what company next yanno…just like how Verizon had to give up all of its customers, etc.. At&T as well.

  3. on the contrary. The iPhone 5c isnt really a budget because its only $100 less than the flagship iPhone. I understand how you feel because i bought the iPhone for the same reasons as you

  4. I can't believe apple are making a phone for the lower classes, the main reason i have an iPhone is for its status symbol, I'm switching to the new Sony Xperia Z1

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